Yesterday, Linus Torvalds just marked the release of the stable version of Linux Kernel. This release was delayed after the rc8 (Linus usually release the stable kernel after the rc7) due to system call issue by an unrelated ext4 commit. Linus just reverting the commit before to make the 5.3 release.

This release adds new features,  many driver updates and better hardware support.

Linux Kernel 5.3 overview:

  • New ‘pidfd’ functionality to help service managers to deal with PID reuse problems
  • Support for AMD Navi GPUs
  • Better Intel Icelake Gen 11 graphics support
  • Intel Speed Select support for easier power tuning
  • Intel HDR display support
  • Clean up btrfs and xfs
  • LZ4 in-place decompression for EROFS
  • Native SWAP file support for F2FS
  • New input device support
  • Better 100GbE network driver support
  • And many more

For more information about the new stable Linux version, check this more detailed article.

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