Fish shell is a smart, user friendly and interactive shell for Linux, Mac and the rest ofUNIX family. Some features that need installed separately by plugin in other shell is provided by default, such as auto-suggestions, syntax highlighting and tab completion.

Some awesomes fish shell features:

Autosuggestions, fish suggests commands as you type based on history and completions.

Sane scripting, ish is fully scriptable, and its syntax is simple, clean, and consistent. You’ll never write esac again.

Man page completions, Other shells support programmable completions, but only fish generates them automatically by parsing your installed man pages.

Glorious VGA color, fish supports 24 bit true color, the state of the art in terminal technology.

Web based configuration, For those lucky few with a graphical computer, you can set your colors and view functions, variables, and history all from a web page. Just run fish_config command and you’re good to go.

Popular Linux distro usually use bash as a default shell, but installing fish is easy:


$ brew install fish


$ sudo apt install fish


$ sudo dnf install fish


$ sudo pacman -S fish

To change your default shell to fish, use this command:

$ chsh -s /bin/zsh

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