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How to Ubuntu

Record Your Terminal Session and Convert it to a GIF Image – ASCIINEMA

When we make a code documentation, software installation manual, or create presentations, we often add a code snippet to help

How to Linux Shell

How To Install Fish Shell

Fish shell is a smart, user friendly and interactive shell for Linux, Mac and the rest ofUNIX family. Some features

How to Linux Shell

Get BIOS Information Using CLI

In Linux, there are many ways we can use to get BIOS information. The first way is by reading the

How to Linux Shell

How To Install Oh-my-zsh

If we want to add more features to zsh, one thing we need is to install is a zsh framework.

How to Linux

How to Boot Arch Linux ISO From Hard Drive

Once upon a time, my computer was broken. The GRUB was fine but unable to load the kernel, I couldn’t

How to Create a SWAP in Linux
How to Linux Sysadmin

Create a SWAP File & Partition in Linux

SWAP is a space in hard disk that allocated as virtual memory to help physical memory ( RAM ). Your

How to Linux Shell

How to Resize tmp Folder

Resizing the /tmp folder sometimes is a thing that needs to be done in a particular situation. For instance when

How to Shell

Get System Information Using Neofetch

Neofetch is a a command line utility writen in bash to get system information. Neofetch will display operating system, desktop

Graphic How to Multimedia

Create Long Shadow Effects in Inkscape

Learn the simple way to create long shadow effect on Inkscape.