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asciinema screenshot
How to Ubuntu

Record Your Terminal Session and Convert it to a GIF Image – ASCIINEMA

When we make a code documentation, software installation manual, or create presentations, we often add a code snippet to help

Arch Linux Linux

How to Change YAY Build Directory & ABS Directory

Yay (Yet Another Yogurt) is an AUR helper written in Golang. AUR or Arch User Repository is a software repository

Dolphin file manager with konsole panel on right side
KDE Linux

Customize Konsole Widget Placement In Dolphin File Manager

Dolphin is a lightweight file manager that included in the KDE application bundle. Despite a lightweight program, Dolphin offers rich

Linux Sysadmin Ubuntu

How to Compile Nginx With Brotli Encoding Support on Ubuntu Linux

Nginx is a powerful web server, a reverse proxy server software that powered millions of websites. This lightweight software enables

How to Linux

How to Boot Arch Linux ISO From Hard Drive

Once upon a time, my computer was broken. The GRUB was fine but unable to load the kernel, I couldn’t

How to Create a SWAP in Linux
How to Linux Sysadmin

Create a SWAP File & Partition in Linux

SWAP is a space in hard disk that allocated as virtual memory to help physical memory ( RAM ). Your

How to Linux Shell

How to Resize tmp Folder

Resizing the /tmp folder sometimes is a thing that needs to be done in a particular situation. For instance when

Graphic How to Multimedia

Create Long Shadow Effects in Inkscape

Learn the simple way to create long shadow effect on Inkscape.