Latest stable version of Linux Kernel, Linux Kernel 5.5 has been released and announced by Linus Torvalds.

Some main features that added to the Linux kernel:

  1. Support for raspberry 4
  2. Temperature info for NVMe SSD
  3. Several improvements for ext4
  4. btrfs improvements
  5. Improvements for extFat filesystem
  6. System76 ACPI Driver
  7. AMD Navi GPU overclocking
  8. Initial Thunderbolt 3 support
  9. Chromebook Wake-On-Voice support
  10. KUnit for in-kernel unit testing
  11. And many more

How to get Linux Kernel 5.5?

It depends on the distribution you’re using. Some distribution like Arch usually getting the new kernel faster than others. Always check and update your machine to get the newest kernel.

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